Supplemental Insurance

Who is looking after you?

While your major medical pays the doctors and hospitals, who is looking after you and your financial obligations?

Often people overlook the need for benefits to help pay for expenses while you are unable to work due to injury or illness. The rent, mortgage, telephone, child-care expenses, groceries, co-payments and deductibles are all expenses that people do not plan for when one is off work.

Why tap in to savings and your 401K or borrow money when you can have a check come directly to you? You use the money how you see fit. No co-insurance or overlap of company benefits apply with this coverage.

These benefits include:

  • Short-term disability
  • Hospitalization protection
  • Accident protection
  • Cancer Protection
  • Dental
  • Critical Illness (heart attacks, strokes, comas)

These policies are offered on a direct basis or through payroll deduction often with a tax savings components the employee and the employer.